This website is dedicated to all the alumni and fans of the drum corps known as the Kewanee Black Knights, the Geneseo Knights, the Quad City Knights, or any of the other names the corps has gone by over the years. The corps may not march much these days, but the Knights live on in the hearts and memories of the many alumni and fans.

About the Webmaster

Scott Lawson marched baritone with the Knights for the final two years of the corps existence (’94 and ’95). After the corps folded, he marched for 5 years with the Colts Drum and Bugle Corps from Dubuque, IA, aging out in 2000. He also played trombone for four years at Macomb (IL) High School and for 5 years as a member of the Western Illinois University Marching Leathernecks.

He currently lives in Macomb, is married with two kids, and is employed as a Webmaster at Western Illinois University.