Scores & Repertoires

I have updated this page and combined the information from the Repertoires page with it, so now it’s all in one place. I’ve added a few links as well, the year numbers link to the page for that year, and if available, the show music listing links to an mp3 file of the show. You can still get to the music files through the multimedia section, but I thought this would just make a few things easier. I’ve also added a field for Corps Director for that year, however, I don’t have any records of who was corps director when, so if you see a year without one listed, please email me and let me know who goes where. Thanks.

Year Show Score Place Div/Class Corps Director
1959 1959 Show        
1960 Hungarian
The Breeze and I
Comin’ Up Roses Interlude
Whatever Lola Wants
Concert Taps
Goin’ Home/See You in September
Party’s Over
Finale Fanfare
1963 1963 Show        
1969 Ben Hur
Battle Cry of Freedom
Who Will Buy
Hava Nagilah
Hang ‘Em High
1970 Shenandoah
Battle Cry Of Freedom
Who Will Buy
Old Devil Moon
Once In A Lifetime
1971 For Once In My Life
It’s Today
The Joker
1972 Charge of the Light Brigade
Halleluia Chorus
Wichita Lineman/California Dreamin’
If Ever I Should Leave You
71.55 18th Open  
1973 Camelot
Halleluia Chorus
Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang
Dialogue (by Chicago)
If Ever I Would Leave You
The Joust (from Camelot)
70.60 19th Open  
1974 Flight of the Gulls
Be/Dear Father
Momo Tombo
Flamenco Cha-Cha
If Ever I Should Leave You
? ? ?  
1975 Karn Evel 9 (3rd Impression)
Down By the Station/Tuxedo Junction
Salina Came Home
(see below)    
1976 Knighty Knight
Myths & Legends of King Arthur
& the Knights of the Round Table
What I Did For Love
65.75 33rd Open  
1977 Jack Miraculous
On Reflections -> Nights in White Satin
Larks Tounge
What I Did For Love
60.00 39th Open  
1978 Enter the Dragon
Nights in White Satin
Sabre Dance
Baby Face
Oh Shenandoah
63.75 36th Open  
1979 Slavanic Dance
Sabre Dance
You and the Night and the Music
One Fine Morning
If Ever I Should Leave You
54.35 5th A  
1980 Espiritu De Espana
Star/Boogie Wonderland
You and the Night and the Music
Larks Tounge Whistler
One Fine Morning
62.90 2nd A  
1981 Espiritu De Espana
I Believe in Love
Elenor Rigby
Someone Who Cares
71.10 19th Open  
1982 In Like A Lion
Elenor Rigby
Night Streets
Casals Suite
Shaker Song
76.25 15th Open  
1983 Overture to Ruslan and Ludmilla
Dinner Music for the Gods
It Was Almost Like a Song
The Joust
73.95 16th Open  
1984 Trittico
Notte A Roma
It Was Almost Like A Song
Casals Suite
76.60 18th Open  
1985 Theme: Jesus Christ Superstar
Heaven on Their Minds
Everything’s Alright
Simon Zealots
Could We Start Again Please
Trial By Pilate
75.20 19th Open  
1986 Foreplay
Chasing Shadows
Corner Pocket
Twins Theme/Intimidation
73.10 21st Open  
1987 Theme: The Music of Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Karn Evil 9: First Impression
Still, You Turn Me On
Karn Evil 9: Second Impression
Karn Evil 9: Third Impression
67.20 25th Open  
1988 Theme: The Music of Chicago
Make Me Smile
Chicago Montage – Fancy Colors, To Be Free,
Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
Searching So Long
25 or 6 to 4
69.70 23rd Open  
1989 Theme: The Music of YES
I’m Running
I Get Up, I Get Down
Big Generator
64.40 31st Open  
1990 Theme: Tommy, The Rock Opera
It’s a Boy
Pinball Wizard
There’s a Doctor
Go to the Mirror
We’re Not Going to Take It
74.70 6th A/60  
1991 Theme: Music of Harry Connick Jr.
It Had To Be You
It’s All Right With Me
If I Could Write A Book
We Are In Love
79.40 10th A  
1992 Theme: Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves 73.00 10th III  
1993 Theme: Jesus Christ Superstar 79.30 4th III  
1994 Theme: Music from Absolute Beginners 80.60 11th III  
1995 Theme: Music from Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Sunset Boulevard 71.00 18th III  

Information compliments of Jon Anderson, Chuck Naffier, Brian Tolzmann, and John Hogan.

The reason there is no score for ’75 is that the corps did not travel to DCI. They instead competed in the American Legion Nationals in Minneapolis on August 8. Final score was 61.00 for 5th place in finals. It was a five corps final with 29 corps in prelims. The Knights did compete at DCI Midwest on August 2 in Whitewater that year and placed 14th with a score of 60.40. The corps started the season with 57 members and a score of 35.55 on June 15. One week later the score rose by 13.65 to place 7 at VFW State with a 49.80. By July 4 there were 76 memebers and by July 18 at American Legion State the score had risen to a high of 62.15 a jump of 11.3 over the previous weeks score.

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