Dorothy “DJ” Johnson

Dorothy JohnsonI don’t have a lot of information as of yet, but I will post more as soon as I know. Dorothy “DJ” Johnson has passed away. I won’t go into details  because most of you already know what DJ meant to nearly everyone who ever marched with the Knights, as well as years of Blue Stars and Madison Scouts. DJ was the only two-time DCI Volunteer of the year (in 1994 with the Knights and in 2004 with the Blue Stars) and will be greatly missed by both her family and the entire drum corps community.

Knights 50th Anniversary Reunion Banquet Information

Knights 50th Anniversary Reunion Banquet
July 3, 2016 6:00 PM Happy Hour followed by dinner.
Jumer’s Casino and Hotel
777 Jumer Drive
Rock Island, IL 61201

3 Entree Buffet with potato and vegetables
Mixed Green Garden Salad, Dinner Rolls
Iced Tea, Coffee, water
Cash Bar

Knights Alumni Corps performance throughout evening beginning during Happy Hour.
Other Program features TBA
Evening MC’ed by ex-Knights Drum Major and DCI’s own Dan Potter.

Cost is $55 per person
Children 12 and under $27 (under 4 free)
(the 2006 reunion was $45 and this is a bigger, nicer place, and is of course 10 years later)

Send Check or Money Order and Names of attendees to:
Knights Reunion
PO Box 284
Geneseo, IL 61254

Make checks payable to Knights Reunion.
Reservations are due by June 15, 2016
(reservations made by May 16th will be entered in a door prize drawing)
Please get your reservations in early.

Knights Alumni Rings

Knights Alumni Rings are now available to order.

View/Print the order form here: Knights CF22 US Order Form

Just FYI, the “engraving of up to ten characters” is not available. Each ring and medallion will have the “Three Eras, One Legacy” included.

Orders should be sent to:

Knight’s Reunion
PO Box 284
Geneseo, IL 61254

We will send in the first order on 4/15/16.

Reunion Schedule of Events

From Gregg Neuleib:

Saturday July 2, 2016

12:00 PM – informal family/corps picnic at the large shelter next to the tennis courts in Richmond Hill Park. If you would like to attend just bring what you would like to eat for a picnic lunch. (please be aware that Geneseo City Parks have a no alcohol ordinance)
The grill options are pretty limited.

1:00 PM – Sectionals for Brass Percussion and Guard – Non-participants may observe or there are other possibilities in town including the Park District’s new swimming pool, golf at Maple Bluff Golf Course, Geneseo Museum, Hennenpin Canal bike paths and walking. And there is plenty of room at the park for softball, soccer, tennis,etc.

3:00 PM-5:00 PM full corps putting together the Banquet Show.

5:00 PM – dinner, either another picnic or one of the many fast food places or restaurants in town.

7:30 PM (be at gathering spot behind the band shelter at 7 PM) – full run through “dress rehearsal” at the City Park Ice Cream Social with audience. A local non-profit will be serving deserts. Press releases will be put out about this concert.

Post Rehearsal – socialize

Sunday July 3, 2016

Morning Golf Game – Maple Bluff Golf Course.
Other activities TBD

1:00 – 2:00ish – Sectionals (location TBD as Richmond Hill is unavailble due to Fireworks happening that night.

2:15 – 3:30 PM – Full corps final prep for Banquet Show

6:00 – Cocktail Hour at Jumers Casino in Rock Island – first presentation by the corps, rest of the show throughout the evening

7:00 – Dinner

8:00 – Banquet program

We have the room until midnight if I remember correctly.

Brass Rehearsal Weekends

  • February 13-14
  • April 9-10 (with percussion)
  • June 4-5 (with percussion)

Rehearsals at Geneseo High School
Times to be announced.

We realize that some of you will have to come a long way. Attendance will help all of us be better but is not mandatory. Stay in touch with your section leader and do videos or facetime if you cannot make it to a rehearsal. We have to know how you,re doing on the music.

Finding a Horn, from Gregg Neuleib

FINDING A HORN. We have talked about needing horns and that most every marching band is done now until next late summer for marching band camp. If you can make contact with a local band director and borrow one that would be great. Sopranos/Trumpets you need a Bb trumpet, Mellos a marching mellophone in F, Baris a marching baritone in Bb, and Contra/tubas a marching tuba in Bb. Many many bands have these instruments and probably do not use them for a few months. Connect or reconnect with the directors and see if you can borrow one. (They might be an old corps person.) Ebay has been known to have them for sale too. As a last resort please let your section leader know that you cannot find one and we will try to help. But remember, you finding 1 horn is probably easier than us finding multiple.


December 7 at 7:38am (Gregg Neuleib) received this message from Greg Blum (of Colts fame and Knight’s friend) via Facebook

Saw your post on finding instruments. Here are some schools that may be helpful:
DeWitt Central-purchased 6 tubas from colts. He’s a friend of Vicki MacFarlane.
Davenport Central-Brian Zeglis (past Colt cadets percussion head) teaches that band …
Wilton-Pete Wyatt (Emerald Knights alum) is band director
Scott Lawson-colts Alum @ WIU. Is connected to WIU Alumni band

Reunion Hotel Info

From Gregg Neuleib:

Attention! (Your heels probably just snapped together didn’t they?)
Because it is a holiday weekend no one would provide a “block” of rooms. That is probably the price we pay for using a good 3 day weekend for travel. has many rooms available in the Moline/RockIsland/Geneseo area for anywhere between $60-$160 a night. The Moline airport hotels are only 5.6 miles from the Banquet site (Jumers Casino and Hotel) and 15 to 20 minutes from Geneseo. July 2 and 3 are the dates. We also have the large shelter at Richmond Hill Park reserved for the whole day on the 2nd.

Reunion Corps Brass Line

Brass Members as of 12/2/2015

Dan Moore
Shane Connor
Gregg Neuleib
Arthur Neuleib
Tom Huntley
Joshua Huntley
Todd Meier
David Clark
Dan Garrett
Myles Anderson
Roy VanMeter
Gordan Connor
Bill Parker
Jim Cassens
Julie Frank
Jackson Frank
Phillip Corbin
Anne Hale Corrigan
Michael Embrey
Joanne Chamberlain Krakora
Dick Schweninger

Kent Baker
Sharon Hartz
Ron McBride
Jeannie Jarigese
Jennifer Greif Bolton
Stephanie Gardner
Keith Baker
Cindy Hamilton Megli
Casey Hanford
Eric Ashcraft

Greg Young
Dwight Johnson
Sandy Ivy
John Jordan
Tim Morgan
Tom Whitman
Jeff Hempstead
Charles St Clair
Bart Pillen
Paul Hinman
Charlie Hanford
Jeff Uddin
Jonathan Zimny
Dan Swallow
Frannie Castro
Steve Deal

David Stollberg
Darryl Anderson
Eric Olsen
Craig Carper
Dale Sutherland
Mike Stollberg
Frank Wolverton
Billy Hamer
Dave Ivy

Reunion Corps Songs

Another update from Gregg Neuleib:

Have had quite a few people asking what we are playing for the reunion. It is still a work in progress depending how things transpose and work but the following is what is being worked on. As I mentioned, nothing set in stone yet.
1969 – Hava Nagila, production
1972, 73, 74, 79 – If Ever I Would Leave You from Camelot – closer
1976, 77, 78 – Temptation, concert
1977, 78 – Nights in White Satin – production
1981, 82 – Eleanor Rigby – concert/production
1983 – It Was Almost Like a Song/Joust/Ending, closer
1985, 93 – Jesus Christ Superstar (TBD selections)
1992 – Overture to Robinhood (opener)
The thought is all eras represented, playability, and of course, do we have the charts.

50th Reunion Corps Brass Staff

The email addresses for the brass staff are as follows.

Some of the charts are ready so please contact your section leader for parts. Please be aware that probably everyone cannot play first part for the whole gig so ask for all the parts for your instrument. Any relative of a past Knight member or staff member is welcome to join the brass line (perc and guard too). So let’s get at least 60. What do you think?