Monthly Archives: July 2006

Reunion Recap

First off, I hope everyone had a great time at the reunion (it seemed like most people did) seeing people that they hadn’t seen for years (in some cases, decades). I’d like to thank everyone involved in the reunion committee for getting it all organized and keeping the whole thing running smoothly. I also would like to thank everyone who came up to me during the reunion for your support.

Second, I’ve got a couple of notes that need to be passed along. The message about taking memorabilia was somewhat misunderstood by some people and there were a few items that were taken before the people could get their stuff. There was a 1980-1981 album that looks like this (click on the photo for a larger view):

It was supposed to make it back to Jill (Standard) Doak. If you happened to have picked up this item, please contact Jill at or Gregg Neuleib at Also Tom Whitman’s ( red uniform was picked up by mistake, so if you know who has the uniform, please let either Tom or Gregg know. We would like to get these items returned to their rightful owners.

I have received quite a few updates from people for email changes, I should be able to get to those before I leave on Sunday, but if not, I’ll get them taken care of the week after next. I’m heading up to the Rockford show on Sunday, then Stillwater, MN on Monday, and Mankato, MN on Tuesday (I’ve then got a week long business conference in Minneapolis). If anyone is going to be at those shows, look for me, I’ll be wearing some combination of Knights and Colts stuff.

Financially, the website is doing ok, we’ve got about $125 in the website’s account, which is enough to cover us for at least another year. Donations are always welcome. We have paypal set up (I’ve received a couple of donations through that recently, thanks to those people who have donated) or you can mail checks to me. The information is all on the donations page. I’m thinking about moving the website to a different hosting service. I’ve heard good things, and people I know use it, plus it’s more storage for cheaper ($60 per year vs about $90 per year).

Finally, a request to everyone who was at the reunion. I would like to put together a whole gallery of reunion photos, and I’m sure that many people had much better photos than I did, so if you have a few photos, you can email them to me, if you’ve got a bunch, there’s a few other options, including burning a CD and mailing that to me. If you have any questions about getting photos to me, just ask, I know photos, I run a camera store.

I must say, I was very impressed by job done by the reunion committee, as well as the amount of people who showed up that I marched with. The time period that I marched with the Knights was not really a high point in the history of the corps, so considering everything, the ’90s group had a pretty decent turnout. Anyway, I hope we can do it all again in a few years.