Monthly Archives: November 2008

Interesting Request

So I’ve got an interesting request for all of you, especially any of you who live in Iowa. The Colts Drum and Bugle Corps have applied to be Iowa’s representative in President-Elect Obama’s Inagural Parade. I realize that when many of you marched, the Colts were more of a rival to the Knights that when I marched. However, I feel that anything that we can do as a part of the larger drum corps community to help promote the activity is a good thing.

All that I’m asking is that if you live in Iowa, it would be greatly appreciated if you went to this website: where you can find letters that you can modify (probably remove the section about being a Colts alumni) and email or fax to your US Congresspeople and US Senators Harkin and Grassley.
If you don’t live in Iowa (like me), you’re welcome to contact them as well, however, in some cases, they won’t take email from outside of their districts. Since I live close to Iowa, I’ve also contacted my local US Representative (Phil Hare, IL-17) and asked him to encourage his colleagues across the river in supporting the Colts.

Also, if you’re interested, you can follow the progress at the Colts @ Inaguration Parade page on Facebook.

Thank you all for your help.