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Website Updates

Just got an email from Christian Fauchald, and he had a great idea. Now on the email list page, you will find a column that lists Location, where you are currently living. This is so if a Knight happens to be living 5 miles away from you, and you might not know it, you can get together. Or if a bunch of Knights in an area want to get together, you can find each other more easily. I’ve put in my location, along with a link to the Google Maps page for it, so you can see an example of what it’ll look like.

Of course, this is entirely optional, if you don’t want that information on the site, don’t email me the info, however, if you want to find other Knights more easily, and have Knights be able to find you, it would greatly help.

If you want that information posted, send an email with your name, city and state to, and if there’s other info on the email page that I don’t have for you, or that might be wrong (years marched, what you played/did, or email address), let me know.

One more thing, any female members who have different last names, I’m going to try to organize the list alphabetically by last name when you marched. The problem is, I didn’t march with most of you, so I don’t know which is your married name, and which is your maiden name. For anyone on the list who has a different last name from when you marched, please email me and let me know which name is which. Thanks in advance for your help.

Geno's Visitation

Back from Geno’s visitation. I saw a few Knights there, and met some of Geno’s family that I hadn’t had a chance to meet before. I saw DJ (Dorothy Johnson), Bill and Phyllis Neulieb, Steve and Jane Scherer, the Chamberlain brothers (Tony, Matt, and Dan), and I met JP Herring and Charles St. Clair for the first time. I’m sure I saw some more Knights there that I didn’t recognize or get a chance to talk to.

I talked to DJ for a while, and she gave me her address to post on the website. You can reach her through the email listed, but that actually goes to Jeannie and then makes it’s way to DJ. She doesn’t have her own email address, but if anyone would like to write to her, her mailing address is posted on the email page.

Geno's Obituary

Just a quick update, here’s a link to Geno’s obituary on the Fulton County Daily Ledger’s website –

Gene "Geno" Herring – 1933–2005

I apologize for not getting this info up here sooner, but for those of you who haven’t heard, Gene “Geno” Herring passed away last Tuesday (the 16th). JP posted this information in the guestbook on the 17th…

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that my dad, GENO, passed away on Tuesday (8-16-05) @ 11:00 p.m. He had is entire family with him and died at peace.

We are having a visitation for him this Saturday in Canton @ Oaks-Hines Memorial Home. I don’t have the times yet, but will post another message when I have them.

A BIG THANKS to Mike Ochs who sent me DVDs of the shows and old pictures. It was a huge help taking a walk down memory lane. My brothers were able to see the “drum corps” side of dad.


J.P. Herring

followed by this information about the service…

Hello Everyone,

Thank you very much for the love and support we have received.

My dad’s visitation is going to be held Saturday, 8-20-05, from 4-6 p.m. at the Oaks – Hines Funeral Home, 1601 East Chestnut, Canton, Il.

Since there will no viewing it is going to be informal. Just some pictures, drum corps songs, and lots of “Geno” stories.

If anyone would like to read it, DCI has a nice little article about my dad on their website.



Here’s the link to that DCI article he mentioned…

I never knew Geno as well as many of you did, since he was already working for DCI when I started marching, but I do remember him stopping by a lot and checking up on us now and then. For me, Geno was the guy who kept the DCI shows running smoothly. At many shows, especially the big ones, he always seemed to be there on the sidelines, making sure everyhing was in order and on time.

Later, when I was in WIU’s marching band, we marched in a parade in Canton for a few years in a row….Geno was always there, helping Canton’s marching band, keeping an eye on things, and making sure everything ran smoothly.

I was able to see Geno earlier this summer at the Lisle, IL show and that’s when I found out about his condition. He told me he was going to be at some of the other large regional shows this summer too. I wished I would have had more time to talk to him, but he was busy keeping the show in order, and I was just heading back to the stands with two hot dogs in my hands.

From what I know, and from what I’ve heard from everyone else, Geno spent the last few months of his life doing what he really loved doing, taking care of the kids, and making sure everything was just right for the corps staff, judges, fans, and most importantly, the corps members.

Please, keep the Herring family in your hearts and your thoughts, just as Geno kept all of us in his.


A thread on drum corps planet about Geno, with other people’s memories and thoughts…