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Jim "Beast" Wildemuth – 1950-2008

Just received this from Gregg Neuleib:

“Hello everyone, I just found out that Jim Wildemuth passed away. I talked with his father a few minutes ago and they have not made arrangements yet and are pretty shocked. They hadn’t heard from him for a couple days, went to check and found him. My assumption would be that the undertaker would be Stackhouse Moore in Annawan but like I said we don’t know yet. Can someone please let Ken and Elaine Hamilton know as I do not have their email.
Sincerely, Gregg”

Arrangements have been made and can be found at the QC Online website’s obituary page.

Also, I’ve archived a pdf file of the obituary here: Jim Wildemuth.

John D. Hartman – 1962-2008

Received an email from John VanDeWoestyne saying that John Hartman (Brass, mid-70’s) passed away on Saturday, December 6, 2008.
Here is a link to the funeral home’s obituary page:
Stackhouse-Moore Funeral Services

And here is a copy of the obituary page, hosted locally for permanence:
John Hartman Obituary