Monthly Archives: July 2009

Knights stuff on Facebook

J.P. Herring just posted this on Facebook, thought that those of you who aren’t on Facebook would like to see it.

Gene Herring Memorial Scholarship

Speaking of Facebook, I also wanted to mention that Mike Ochs recently posted a bunch of Knights photos on Facebook. For those of you who are on FB and are friends with Mike, you can view one (of many) of the photo albums at this link.

One more thing, when we last had the “Big” reunion (2006), it was discussed that we would try to do it again every 5 years, which would put the next one in 2011. I know that it’s still 2 years away, but it took a while to get the first one organized, so I just wanted to put the idea out there so everyone knows about it. Hopefully we’ll have more discussion about it as it gets closer.