Reunion Corps Brass Line

Brass Members as of 12/2/2015

Dan Moore
Shane Connor
Gregg Neuleib
Arthur Neuleib
Tom Huntley
Joshua Huntley
Todd Meier
David Clark
Dan Garrett
Myles Anderson
Roy VanMeter
Gordan Connor
Bill Parker
Jim Cassens
Julie Frank
Jackson Frank
Phillip Corbin
Anne Hale Corrigan
Michael Embrey
Joanne Chamberlain Krakora
Dick Schweninger

Kent Baker
Sharon Hartz
Ron McBride
Jeannie Jarigese
Jennifer Greif Bolton
Stephanie Gardner
Keith Baker
Cindy Hamilton Megli
Casey Hanford
Eric Ashcraft

Greg Young
Dwight Johnson
Sandy Ivy
John Jordan
Tim Morgan
Tom Whitman
Jeff Hempstead
Charles St Clair
Bart Pillen
Paul Hinman
Charlie Hanford
Jeff Uddin
Jonathan Zimny
Dan Swallow
Frannie Castro
Steve Deal

David Stollberg
Darryl Anderson
Eric Olsen
Craig Carper
Dale Sutherland
Mike Stollberg
Frank Wolverton
Billy Hamer
Dave Ivy

2 responses to “Reunion Corps Brass Line

  1. George Bellovics

    Hello all! Even after all these years, my “corps” blood is churning and can’t wait to do this one more time! If my lip cooperates, it’ll be even better!

  2. I’ll be at the practice in June. Really looking forward to playing together again.

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