Website news and note from Tom Huntley

Three things for you all this time around.

Item 1: Anyone heard of Frappr. It’s a website where you can put in your location and it’ll put in points where you are. You can see where other people are. Anyway, I’ve created a group for Knights alumni at Just go there, scroll down below the map to the add yourself section, put in your name, zip code, a shoutout (I put when I marched and what I do), and if you want to attach a current photo of yourself. Just kinda a fun thing to look at and be able to see where all the Knights are.

Item 2: I don’t know what the problem is with the Forum. I think it’s been down for a while now, but I just noticed it. I’ll have to figure something else out, but for now, I’ve removed the link because it doesn’t work anyway.

Item 3: Tom Huntley asked me to mention this:
“Also if you could mention the Gulf Coast Sound in your next update. We are a senior corps from Texas and looking at our 3rd field season. We plan on marching 36 horns this year and picking up where the Knights left off, we are doing Rock Music. Last year we played Evenessence and Kansas. This year is The Bangles, Emerson Lake and Palmer and Cindy Laupers version of Unchained Melody. Show should rock.” There ya go folks, if you’re in the Texas area, and want to relive the old days, check it out.

Also, I’ve heard rumors of a senior corps starting in the Quad Cities. If I find out anything else, I’ll let you know. At this point, just rumors.

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