Adding Photos to Flickr

So, I’ve started adding photos from the website to flickr (photo hosting/sharing site). Hopefully this will make tagging, names, etc. easier, since there’s no way I can figure out who everyone is and where each photo was taken. So, if you get a chance, especially if you marched the years of the photos that I’m putting up (currently just 1984, but quite a bit more later, hopefully soon), I’d appreciate it if you’d take a look at the photos, sign up or sign in to flickr (it’s owned by Yahoo, so if you have a Yahoo ID, you can use that, or just sign up for free) and add tags and comments to the photos to help figure out who, what, and where each photo is showing. Ideally, this will also allow me to display photos more easily on this website. So, if you’re interested in helping, or just looking, you can take a look here:
This is a link to the whole group of Knights photos, so as I post more, they’ll show up at the same link.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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