Switching to the new website…

In case you couldn’t tell, I’ve finally converted the Knights website over to the new format. There’s still some work left to do on a few pages, but for those pages, I’ve included links to the old version of the pages, so you can go back and still retrieve the same info. Once I’ve got everything converted over, I’ll get rid of the old site completely (well, not completely, I always keep local backups on my computer of my websites).

Anyway, it’s kinda like building a new house. I’ve got the kitchen, bathroom, dining room and bedroom built, so we can move in…but I’m still getting the den, living room, and garage built. Apologies for the sawdust.

There’s a lot we can do with the new site that I couldn’t do with the old site (like better post management and searching, and an rss feed for people who like to do that sort of thing). It also makes it much easier for someone else to take over the site if, for any reason, I am unable to continue managing the website. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know at scott@knightscorps.org.

So, if you didn’t get a look at the site when it was in beta…take a look around, kick the tires a bit, breathe in that new website smell. I hope you like it.

Oh, and for everyone who uses the guestbook, there’s a few things to keep in mind.
1. You can now comment on any of the posts, so feel free to comment, have discussions, etc. whenever it relates to anything that I post to the site.
2. I’m hoping to get all of the shout-outs, personal updates, calls for info, etc. to be moved over to the Knights group over at Google Groups (it’s a lot easier to manage, find, and sort through posts). You can go check it out at http://groups.google.com/group/knightscorps.
3. If you’d like to, you can go back and View the Old Guestbook or Sign the Old Guestbook.
I don’t know for sure what the best way to do this type of forum/discussion arena, but I know that the old Guestbook style makes it very hard for me to work with. Going with something like Google Groups would allow you to find all the posts from a specific person, or about a specific topic, etc.
Anyway, your input is welcomed. Thanks in advance for your support.

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