Vote for Drum Corps!

As many of you are probably aware, Chase Bank is running a contest through Facebook called Chase Community Giving. Chase is giving money to the charities that get the most votes. Four drum corps, Carolina Crown, Cavaliers, Colts, and Phantom Regiment, have made it to the second and final round (of 100 charities/community organizations). Voting starts on Friday, January 15th and goes through Friday, January 22nd.

The organizations in the final 100 have each come up with proposals for what they would to do with the prize money. For example, the Colts are doing two things: 1. setting up an endowment fund to help disadvantaged kids participate in some of the local music education opportunities and ensembles that are part of the Colts organization; 2. purchasing two new mobile kitchens for summer use by the corps that will spend the rest of the year being used by the Red Cross (for free) to help in disaster situations.

For more information, you can read the article about it on the DCI website.

Another good article about it was written by Kevin Gamin and is readable here.

Once voting begins, everyone has 5 votes, but can only vote for an organization once. I encourage everyone to vote for the four drum corps and another organization of your choice.

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