Geno's Visitation

Back from Geno’s visitation. I saw a few Knights there, and met some of Geno’s family that I hadn’t had a chance to meet before. I saw DJ (Dorothy Johnson), Bill and Phyllis Neulieb, Steve and Jane Scherer, the Chamberlain brothers (Tony, Matt, and Dan), and I met JP Herring and Charles St. Clair for the first time. I’m sure I saw some more Knights there that I didn’t recognize or get a chance to talk to.

I talked to DJ for a while, and she gave me her address to post on the website. You can reach her through the email listed, but that actually goes to Jeannie and then makes it’s way to DJ. She doesn’t have her own email address, but if anyone would like to write to her, her mailing address is posted on the email page.

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