Website Updates

Just got an email from Christian Fauchald, and he had a great idea. Now on the email list page, you will find a column that lists Location, where you are currently living. This is so if a Knight happens to be living 5 miles away from you, and you might not know it, you can get together. Or if a bunch of Knights in an area want to get together, you can find each other more easily. I’ve put in my location, along with a link to the Google Maps page for it, so you can see an example of what it’ll look like.

Of course, this is entirely optional, if you don’t want that information on the site, don’t email me the info, however, if you want to find other Knights more easily, and have Knights be able to find you, it would greatly help.

If you want that information posted, send an email with your name, city and state to, and if there’s other info on the email page that I don’t have for you, or that might be wrong (years marched, what you played/did, or email address), let me know.

One more thing, any female members who have different last names, I’m going to try to organize the list alphabetically by last name when you marched. The problem is, I didn’t march with most of you, so I don’t know which is your married name, and which is your maiden name. For anyone on the list who has a different last name from when you marched, please email me and let me know which name is which. Thanks in advance for your help.

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