Reunion News

I’ve received news from the Neuleibs. Here’s the email:

“Wanted to let people know that Paul Hoogerwerf “Hoogie” just received a liver transplant last week. He is doing well. His address for cards is Paul Hoogerwerf, 1707 Ravine Park Lane, Aurora, IL 60504″

“Also, we are having another Reunion Committee meeting on March 4th. Reservations are arriving but we need to pick up the pace as we have to give the Holiday Inn an approximate number by APRIL 1. (no fooling) We have been doing internet searches and sending out info like crazy. Many alums are still not on our list. We are thinking of people everyday, some even in Geneseo, who are not listed. If everyone thinks of a couple people they marched with or traveled with (support staff) they should email us with names and we’ll do out best to find them. Wow, are we getting some good memorabilia. Bob Kruse just gave us 4 boxes of stuff including scrapbooks from many years between the late 70’s to early 90’s. Of course we have his slides for the audio/visual show. (We still need more pics from the Kewanee years for that too) We have an old Kewanee bass drum head and we have the Round Table Scroll. And of course DJ has a bunch of good stuff.”

Sounds good to me….by the way, it’s 143 days until the reunion (from the time of posting), so if you haven’t made travel plans and hotel arrangements, better get on that.

I hope to see you all there.

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