Website Updates and Reunion Reminder

Couple of updates and things…I’ve started adding some of the photos that were sent to me by people over the course of last year (there’s a ton of them). I’ve color corrected and posted two years worth of stuff that was sent to me by David Stollberg. He went through and digitized a bunch of photos that were Bob Kruse’s. I’ve posted them as whole seperate photo galleries. They are linked to from the photos page, or you can click here to see them: 1978 Gallery, 1979 Gallery. Enjoy!

If you haven’t sent in your info for the reunion, you should get it sent in ASAP! The reunion committee needs to get the info to Holiday Inn by April 1st, so make your plans, book your flights, whatever you need to do.

Also, I’ve recently gotten a copy of Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 (a new web editing program). Previously, I had been using Dreamweaver 4, so this is a big step up. I’m in the process of teaching myself CSS, along with a lot of other cool things I can do with it. Keep checking back now and then for updates and changes to the site.

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