Bob Snow

Bob Snow, a Knights Contra player, has been diagnosed with cancer and is apparently not doing well. Also, his father passed away last night, so Bob and his family are in a very difficult situation. Gregg Neuleib has been posting updates to the Geneseo Knights Facebook Group.

The most recent post:

Okay, I talked with Bob’s Mom this morning and found out that Bob’s father passed away last night. She updated me on Bob and said that his cancer has spread to his bones, spine, leg, back. His is taking some treatment to make him more comfortable but she said they can’t really do much. He is back home at ********** (visit the facebook group for the mailing address). She mentioned that he could really “use some encouragement”. I don’t think he’s on FB, anybody know? Cards or letters might be good. Some of you might not know that Bob has a son, Sam, who is about 12 years old I think.

Please keep Bob and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

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